Network for Researchers in Aging

The Network for Researchers in Aging was started by the Center for Healthy Aging in the second half of 2020 with the purpose of establishing a backbone of aging research anchored at CEHA and the University of Copenhagen, and to provide a thorough overview of aging researchers across organizational location, research field, -activities, and interests, both nationally and internationally. 
The network aims to enable researchers to meet and share ideas, results, and research, collaborate and inspire one another, and to secure funding for future research projects.


To make CEHA's Network for Researchers in Aging a hub for aging researchers, clinicians, and professionals that enables them to inspire each other, create new projects and generate new funding opportunities.


  • Enable aging researchers across disciplines, faculties and locations to generate new research projects, and to secure funding for them
  • Deliver research that has a positive impact on aging and quality of life among elderly both in and outside of Denmark
  • Create a collaborative culture across aging-related research fields that inspires researchers, promotes collaborations, and develops the extent of aging research at the University of Copenhagen, in Denmark, and internationally
  • Expand the network to encompass all faculties at the University of Copenhagen, as well as other aging-related national and international researchers, clinicians and professionals

To join or create a theme group, please contact CEHA Executive Director, Lene Juel Rasmussen.

Theme Groups


Our research group is based on a research project titled “Harnessing the Power of Big Data to Address the Societal Challenge of Ageing”, originally funded by NNF Challenge grant to Dr. Westendorp and colleagues. It is collaboration between University of Copenhagen, Statistics Denmark, Region Zealand University Hospital, and Newcastle University. Here we combine the strength of Danish data and biospecimen repositories to help identify different patterns of ageing among individuals and identify markers of accelerated ageing, within an appropriate socio-ethics-legal framework.
Additionally, the Harnessing the Power of Big Data to Address the Societal Challenge of Ageing-project also has the dedicated website



The research interests of the members of the theme group "Biology of Aging and lifestyle”  broadly encompass the impact of lifestyle on physiological and pathophysiological states of aging, with a scope on (epi)genetics, brain function, neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer´s Disease and Parkinson´s Disease, as well as metabolic disorders.



Epigenetics Copenhagen (EpiCPH) is a network for scientists at the University of Copenhagen, whose core interest is epigenetics. Our mission is to share knowledge and thereby support each other’s research, collaboration and funding. At our monthly meetings, members of the EpiCPH network present their research project with the main purpose of helping to support their research, methodological issues, grant application and/or discussing biological mechanisms, epigenetic marks and processes. See



The goal of the Network Group on Life-course, Mental health and Aging is to better understand how factors throughout the life course affect psychological and cognitive development, and how this affects mental health and quality of life in old age. To reach this goal, the network brings together researchers with complementary expertise from different fields who share an interest in mental health in a life course perspective. The overall aim is to establish evidence on (1) Life-course predictors of mental health and (2) Consequences of mental health challenges throughout the life course.



The Network Group on Life Quality and Economy has several underlying themes founded in a variety of research fields and tries to set up research projects spanning these themes to use the full spectrum of disciplines. The themes are 1) Loneliness and quality of life, 2) Living arrangements in the older population, 3) Welfare economy, health and quality of life 4) Health status.



The Network Group on Aging Research within University-Hospital interplay is connected to the basic idea behind the established Clinical-Academic-Groups within the organization of Greater Copenhagen Health Science Partners, and tries to gather clinical and basic biological researchers with an interest in aging research across different clinical specialties. We have met and presented important disease relevant questions within a variety of diseases and discussed how the optimal translational research approach can be initiated within aging research.