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Publications 2011

The list of publications by scientists from Center for Healthy Aging is only in English as most publications are published in English.

Listen over videnskabelige publikationer af forskere fra Center for Sund Aldring er kun på engelsk, da de fleste publikationer kun bliver offentliggjort på engelsk.

Til toppenProgram 1a - Molecular and Cellular: Molecular Aging

Associations between oral and ocular dryness, labial and whole salivary flow rates, systemic diseases and medications in a sample of older people. Smidt D, Torpet LA, Nauntofte B, Heegaard KM, Pedersen AM. 2011 Jun.

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the associations between age, gender, systemic diseases, medications, labial and whole salivary flow rates and oral and ocular dryness in older people. METHODS: Symptoms of oral and ocular dryness, systemic diseases, medications (coded according to the Anatomical therapeutic chemical (ATC) classification system), tobacco and alcohol consumption were registered, and unstimulated labial (LS) and unstimulated (UWS) and chewing-stimulated (SWS) whole salivary flow rates were measured in 668 randomly selected community-dwelling elderly aged 65-95...

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Bi-directional routing of DNA mismatch repair protein human exonuclease 1 to replication foci and DNA double strand breaks. Liberti SE, Andersen SD, Wang J, May A, Miron S, Perderiset M, Keijzers G, Nielsen FC, Charbonnier JB, Bohr VA, Rasmussen LJ. 2011 Jan.

We show that hEXO1 and PCNA co-localize in replication foci. This apparent interaction is sustained throughout S-phase. We also demonstrate that hEXO1 is rapidly recruited to DNA DSBs. We have identified a PCNA interacting protein (PIP-box) region on hEXO1 located in its COOH-terminal ((788)QIKLNELW(795)). This motif is essential for PCNA binding and co-localization during S-phase. Recruitment of hEXO1 to DNA DSB sites is dependent on the MMR protein hMLH1. We show that two distinct hMLH1 interaction regions of hEXO1 (residues 390-490 and 787-846) are required to direct the protein to the DNA damage site... 

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Program 1b - Molecular and Cellular: Neurobiology

Reduced GABAergic inhibition explains cortical hyperexcitability in the wobbler mouse model of ALS. Nieto-Gonzalez JL, Moser J, Lauritzen M, Schmitt-John T, Jensen K. 2011 Mar.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive degenerative disease of the central nervous system. Symptomatic and presymptomatic ALS patients demonstrate cortical hyperexcitability, which raises the possibility that alterations in inhibitory gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)ergic system could underlie this dysfunction. Here, we studied the GABAergic system in cortex using patch-clamp recordings in the wobbler mouse, a model of ALS...

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Program 3 - Body and Life

Exposure characteristics and peri-trauma emotional reactions during the 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia-what predicts posttraumatic stress and depressive symptoms? Rosendal S, Salcıoğlu E, Andersen HS, Mortensen EL. 2011 Nov-Dec.

This study examined the impact of disaster-related stressors and peri-trauma emotional reactions on mental health 10 months after the 2004 Southeast Asian tsunami disaster in a sample of 660 Danish tourists evacuated from the disaster area... 

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The Copenhagen Oral Health Senior Cohort: design, population and dental health. Heegaard KM, Holm-Pedersen P, Bardow A, Hvidtfeldt UA, Grønbaek M, Avlund K. 2011 Sep.

Objectives: To describe the design, measurement procedures, and baseline values for COHS including spatial distribution of restorations and dental caries as well as reasons for non-participation...

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The contribution of parental alcohol use disorders and other psychiatric illness to the risk of alcohol use disorders in the offspring. Sørensen, HK, Manzardo AM, Knop J, Penick EC, Madarasz W, Nickel E J, Gabrielli WF, Becker U, Mortensen EL. 2011 Jul.

Background:Few population-based studies have investigated associations between parental history of alcoholism and the risk of alcoholism in offspring. The aim was to investigate in a large cohort the risk of alcohol use disorders (AUD) in the offspring of parents with or without AUD and with or without hospitalization for other psychiatric disorder (OPD)...

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No-shows, drop-outs and completers in psychotherapeutic treatment: Demographic and clinical predictors in a large sample of non-psychotic patients. Fenger M, Mortensen EL, Poulsen S, Lau M. 2011 Jun.

Background: A primary challenge in mental health services is a high rate of non-attendance (i.e. no-show and drop-out) for patients referred to treatment for psychiatric disorders. Aim: The aim of the present study was to assess the influence of demographic and clinical variables on mental health treatment attendance and to investigate differences in predictors for no-shows and drop-outs...

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Alcohol consumption and later risk of hospitalization with psychiatric disorders: prospective cohort study. Flensborg-Madsen T, Becker U, Grønbæk M, Knop J, Sher L, Mortensen EL. 2011 May.

The purpose of this study was to investigate, in a population sample, the association between self-reported amount of alcohol intake and the later risk of being registered in a Danish hospital with a psychiatric disorder. The prospective cohort study, the Copenhagen City Heart Study (n=18,146), was used, containing three updated sets of alcohol intake and lifestyle covariates and up to 26 years follow-up...

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Mental vulnerability as a risk factor for depression: A prospective cohort study in Denmark. Ostergaard D, Dalton SO, Bidstrup PE, Poulsen AH, Frederiksen K, Eplov LF, Johansen C, Mortensen EL. 2011 Mar.

BACKGROUND: and AIM: Mental vulnerability (i.e. a tendency to experience psychosomatic symptoms, mental symptoms or interpersonal problems) is associated with various diseases. This study investigated whether mental vulnerability is associated with hospitalization for depression...

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Collaborative relationship in preventive home visits to older people. Yamada Y, Vass M, Hvas L, Igarashi A, Hendriksen C, Avlund K. 2011 Mar.

AIM: To describe what characterizes preventive home visits with collaborative relationships among non-disabled home-dwelling older people in Japan. BACKGROUND: Preventive home visits have the potential to result in improved health outcomes among older people. Collaboration, mutual understanding and trust between visitor and the visited person seem to work as a vehicle, but little is known about which part of the encounters contributes to a collaborative relationship...

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A prospective study of smoking in young women and risk of later psychiatric hospitalization. Sørensen HJ, Mortensen EL, Reinisch JM, Mednick SA. 2011 Feb.

BACKGROUND: It is not known whether smoking is a risk factor for mental disorders. Aims: To investigate the prospective associations between cigarette smoking in pregnant women and a range of psychiatric hospital diagnoses...

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Cognitive function is related to fronto-striatal serotonin transporter levels--a brain PET study in young healthy subjects. Madsen K, Erritzoe D, Mortensen EL, Gade A, Madsen J, Baaré W, Knudsen GM, Hasselbalch SG. 2011 Feb.

The serotonin transporter (SERT) protein is a key regulator in the serotonin system. We hypothesized that higher performance on tests sensitive to serotonin would be associated with higher SERT levels in specific fronto-striatal brain regions...

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Tsunami-affected Scandinavian tourists: disaster exposure and post-traumatic stress symptoms. Heir T, Rosendal S, Bergh-Johannesson K, Michel PO, Mortensen EL, Weisaeth L, Andersen HS, Hultman CM. 2011 Feb.

BACKGROUND: Studies of short- and long-term mental effects of natural disasters have reported a high prevalence of post-traumatic stress. Less is known about disaster-exposed tourists repatriated to stable societies. AIMS: To examine the association between exposure to the 2004 Southeast Asian tsunami and symptoms of post-traumatic stress in three Scandinavian tourist populations...

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Tobacco smoking as a risk factor for depression. A 26-year population-based follow-up study. Flensborg-Madsen T, von Scholten MB, Flachs EM, Mortensen EL, Prescott E, Tolstrup JS. 2011 Feb.

BACKGROUND: A key question regarding the documented association between smoking and depression is whether it reflects a causal influence of smoking on depression; however, only a limited number of longitudinal studies exist in the literature, all of which have relatively short time frames. The purpose was to prospectively assess the risk of depression according to daily tobacco consumption in a Danish longitudinal study....

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Does education confer a culture of healthy behavior? Smoking and drinking patterns in Danish twins. Johnson W, Kyvik KO, Mortensen EL, Skytthe A, Batty GD, Deary IJ. 2011 Jan.

This study explored these influences. In a 2002 postal questionnaire, 21,522 members of the Danish Twin Registry, born during 1931-1982, reported smoking and drinking habits. The authors used quantitative genetic models to examine how these behaviors' genetic and environmental variances differed with level of education, adjusting for birth-year effects...

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Childhood socioeconomic position and objectively measured physical capability levels in adulthood: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Birnie K, Cooper R, Martin RM, Kuh D, Sayer AA, Alvarado BE, Bayer A, Christensen K, Cho SI, Cooper C, Corley J, Craig L, Deary IJ, Demakakos P, Ebrahim S, Gallacher J, Gow AJ, Gunnell D, Haas S, Hemmingsson T, Inskip H, Jang SN, Noronha K, Osler M, Palloni A, Rasmussen F, Santos-Eggimann B, Spagnoli J, Starr J, Steptoe A, Syddall H, Tynelius P, Weir D, Whalley LJ, Zunzunegui MV, Ben-Shlomo Y, Hardy R; HALCyon study team. 2011 Jan.

Socioeconomic position (SEP) in childhood may influence the peak level of physical capability achieved in early adulthood, thereby affecting levels in later adulthood. We have undertaken a systematic review with meta-analyses to test the hypothesis that adverse childhood SEP is associated with lower levels of objectively measured physical capability in adulthood...

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Critical discussion of social-cognitive factors in smoking initiation among adolescents. Bidstrup PE, Tjørnhøj-Thomsen T, Mortensen EL, Vinther-Larsen M, Johansen C. 2011 Jan.

The aim of the study reported here was to examine critically and constructively the five social-cognitive factors in the 'attitude, social influence, self-efficacy' (ASE) model. Methods. The examination draws on the results of a qualitative follow-up study of smoking initiation based on semi-structured interviews and observations of 12 adolescents in two Danish school classes, grades 7 and 8...

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Program 4 - Society and Culture

The Danish National Health Service Register as a source on Primary Care. Sahl J, Olivarius, N de Fine and Krasnik A. 2011 Jul.

Aim: To describe The Danish National Health Service Register in relation to research.
Content: The register contains data collected for administrative and scientific purposes from health contractors in primary health care. It includes information about citizens, providers and health services but minimal clinical information

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