Anette Tybjerg-Jeppesen

Anette Tybjerg-Jeppesen


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    In my research I study ageism and ageing in the Danish society and specifically in the workplace.

    The primary goal of my PhD project is to provide knowledge and recommendations on how to challenge stereotypes about ageing in general and specifically senior workers in the workplace and on the connection between intergenerational relations and ageism. Hopefully this will shed light on ways to improve senior worker’s work ability and well-being and influence their decisions about retirement.

    I will conduct two studies during my project. In the first, I will examine perceptions of ageing and stereotypes about older people in Danish society and how these may affect the way senior workers are perceived—and perceive themselves, in the workplace. This is done through data collection from 68 selected pages on the social media Facebook.

    In the second study, I will investigate the status of the intergenerational climate and the perceived age discrimination in Danish workplaces.

    ID: 234062022